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Monthly Crosthwaite Weather Report for July 2020

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Total July Rainfall:  (historical average*: 110 mm)
Days of rainfall: 
Heaviest Rainfall: 
Max Wind Gust: 
Average Wind: 
Max Temperature: 
Min Temperature: 
Max Pressure: 
Min Pressure: 
Bright sun: 

* Historical average based on Crosthwaite rainfall records 1869-75, 1906-24 & 1937-47. For details click "Historical Rainfall Records" button below.

Rainfall Temperature Humidity Pressure UV Index Wind Historical Rainfall Records


This chart shows the daily rainfall totals

This chart shows the rainfall rate. For example, prolonged gentle drizzle may be clearly differentiated from short sharp showers. The time the rain fell may also be determined.


This chart shows minimum and maximum temperatures for each day.


- averaged over the day to remove diurnal fluctuations

Barometric Pressure (adjusted for sea level)

- averaged over the day to remove diurnal fluctuations

UV index

Windspeed and Direction

The wind direction on the x axis relates to the average wind vector. The direction of the maximum wind gust for the day is not shown.

The diagram shows wind vectors, averaged every 30 minutes.
The red spots represent wind gusts, and the blue spots wind averages.
The further from the centre, the higher the wind speed.


Weather station

The weather station is a Youshiko YC9388. It senses the following meteorological phenomena:-

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Wind speed/direction
  • Rainfall
  • Solar UV index
  • Barometric Pressure

Data is transmitted wirelessly every 12 seconds to a console unit in the house. This unit may then be connected via USB to a PC to transfer weather data as a csv file. It is possible to buy models which are WiFi enabled to transmit data continuously to websites such as Weather Underground or weathercloud. This model is not WiFi enabled, but data may be uploaded to these websites manually.

The csv file is uploaded to the Crosthwaite & Lyth website, and these graphs and data are automatically generated by javascript coding.