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The Crosthwaite and Lyth Parish Plan

The Damson Valley

The Plan was initiated early in 2006 and published in September 2007. Our steering group and a band of volunteers have put together and distributed a document that we believe represents where Crosthwaite and Lyth Parish currently stands and how we should go forward. It gives a résumé of facts about the Parish and sets out what is important to the community. It recognises local problems and opportunities and importantly identifies how the residents want the Parish to develop and how this can be achieved.

Parish Plans have the potential to influence local planning policies and frameworks and local housing and land management strategies. They add to the credibility of the community and can help secure grants and funding for village projects.

The Actions are important part of the Plan. These set out how the community’s aspirations can be achieved, provide a focus for effort and give a timetable for the future. At a Parish Council meeting on the 18th October 2007 the way forward for the Crosthwaite and Lyth Parish Plan was discussed. It was agreed that the Actions identified in the Plan would be progressed by advisory groups working directly to the Parish Council and headed-up by previous members of the Parish Plan Steering Group with assistance from other vounteers in the Parish. The Parish Plan Steering Group was effectively disbanded.

The advisory groups are as follows:

The progress of the Plan will be discussed by the Parish Council at their ordinary meetings. It is anticipated that this will generally be on a quarterly basis when the advisory-groups' members/leaders will report to the Council and issues can be discussed. Many thanks to all who helped and supported the preparation of the plan.