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Schedule 3

The rate for repairing the private carriage roads in the township township of Leven
in the parish of Heversham in the County of Westmorland

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Allotments to the vicar

456vicarLyth Marsh
458vicarLyth Marsh
464vicarLyth Marsh
779vicarCrosthwaite far fell

Allotments to the lords

467The KingLyth Marsh
465 aThe KingLyth Marsh
500The KingLyth Marsh
777The KingCrosthwaite Church Town Fell
463Richard Howard esq.Lyth Marsh
465Richard Howard esq.Lyth Marsh
501Richard Howard esq.Lyth Marsh
778Richard Howard esq.Crosthwaite Church

Allotments to the purchasers

651Wakefield JohnWhitbarrow
651 aWakefield JohnWhitbarrow
667Wakefield JohnCrosthwaite Fell
654Moon JohnWhitbarrow
650 Harrison RobertWhitbarrow
728Burrow JamesCrosthwaite Far Fell
650 aBownass WilliamWhitbarrow
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General Allotments

764Atkinson RobertCrosthwaite Fell
724Atkinson RobertCrosthwaite Fell
785Atkinson RobertCrosthwaite Fell
592Atkinson RobertSavin Hill Moss
784Atkinson ThomasFar Fell
477Atkinson ThomasCommon Moss
638Atkinson JamesRaw Moss
598Atkinson JamesRaw Moss
640Atkinson JamesRaw Moss
691Adam James esq.Low Fell
689Adam James esq.Low Fell
685Adam James esq.Low Fell
690Adam James esq.Low Fell
708Adam James esq.Low Fell
720Adam James esq.Crosthwaite Fell
666Airey JohnWhitbarrow
601Airey JohnRaw Moss
559Airey JohnLyth Marsh
602Airey JosephRaw Moss
558Airey JosephLyth Marsh
518Audland widowStakes Moss
618Burrows James and Joseph?? Moss
552Burrows James and JosephLyth Marsh
485Benson JohnStakes Moss
743Bownass GeorgeCrosthwaite Green
623Bownass GeorgeHolmes Moss
730Bownass GeorgeFar Fell
562Bownass GeorgeNabs Moss
704Bail MargaretLow Fell
705Bail MargaretLow Fell
706Bail MargaretLow Fell
481Bail MargaretCommon Moss
519?Bouson MatthewStakes Moss
744Bramwell Rev. JohnCrosthwaite Green
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754Burrow JosephTarnside
748Burrow JosephTotter Bank
617Burrow JosephCork Moss
553Burrow JosephLyth Marsh
583Birkett RobertSavin Hill Moss
593Birkett JamesSavin Hill Moss
677Benson JimFar Fell
569Benson JimLyth Marsh
676Benson JimCrosthwaite Far Fell
675Benson JimCrosthwaite Far Fell
480Benson JimCommon Moss
671Bownass JohnFar Fell
503Bownass WilliamStakes Moss
773 aBell WilliamChurch Town Fell
771Bell WilliamChurch Town Fell
584Bell WilliamSavin Hill Moss
740Burrow JamesCrosthwaite Green
776Burrow JamesChurch Town Fell
616Burrow JamesCork Moss
551Burrow JamesLyth Marsh
614Bell JamesCork Moss
636Bell JamesCork Moss
763Benson RichardLow Fell
759Benson RichardLow Fell
588Benson RichardSavin Hill Moss
658Biggins RichardWhitbarrow
612Biggins RichardWhitbarrow
564Biggins RichardLyth Marsh
526Bradley RobertStakes Moss
523Bradley CatherineStakes Moss
524Bindloss RichardStakes Moss
520Beethom JohnStakes Moss
604Crosthwaite Township ofCore Moss
459Crosthwaite School trustees ofEly Paddock
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471Crosthwaite Curate poor
and school of
Lyth Marsh
701Cartmel JohnLow Fell
712Cartmel JohnLow Fell
497Cartmel JohnStakes Moss
554Cartmel JohnLyth Marsh
766Cartmel JamesCrosthwaite Fell
717Cartmel JamesHigh Birks
711Cartmel JamesLow Birks
713Cartmel JamesLow Birks
765Cartmel JamesRear High Birks
718Cartmel JamesRear High Birks
619Cartmel JamesCork Moss
545Cartmel JamesLyth Marsh
774Cartmel?Church town Fell
620Cartmel?Holmes Moss
557Cartmel?Lyth Marsh
560Dickinson JohnLyth Marsh
643Dickinson JohnRaw Moss
596Dickinson JohnSavin Hill Moss
727Dickinson JohnFar Fell
581Dixon JamesSavin Hill Moss
751Dixon JoshuaTarn Side
750Dixon JoshuaTotter Bank
639Daker GeorgeRaw Moss
600Daker GeorgeCork Moss
644Dixon James of HowRaw Moss
656Dixon James of HowWhitbarrow
542Dixon James of HowNear Flodder Gate
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599Dorker RichardCork Moss
484Edmunds JohnLyth Marsh
783Elleray JohnFar Fell
479Elleray JohnCommon Moss
775Elleray Jim?Church Town Fell
624Elleray Jim?Holmes Moss
556Elleray Jim?Lyth Marsh
516Ellison WilliamStakes Moss
612 aFarton ChristopherCork Moss
735Fleming Sir Daniel BaronetCrosthwaite Fell
694Fleming Sir Daniel BaronetLow Fell
696Fleming Sir Daniel BaronetLow Fell
697Fleming Sir Daniel BaronetMill Green
699Fleming Sir Daniel BaronetMill Green
701Fleming Sir Daniel BaronetMill Green
702Fleming Sir Daniel BaronetCowmire Green
781Fleming Sir Daniel BaronetFar Fell
541Fleming Sir Daniel BaronetLyth Marsh
548Fleming Sir Daniel BaronetLyth Marsh
547Fleming Sir Daniel BaronetLyth Marsh
595Fleming Sir Daniel BaronetSavin Hill Moss
782Fellowfield JimFar Fell
476Fellowfield JimCommon Moss
506Guy MaryStakes Moss
755Garnett MargaretTarn side
729Garnett MargaretFar Fell
615Garnett MargaretCork Moss
561Garnett MargaretLyth Marsh
769Garnett AnthonyChurch Town Fell
687Gibson WilliamLow Fell
686Gibson WilliamLow Fell
608Graveson ThomasCork Moss
502Garnett WilliamStakes Moss
670Hopkins ThomasFar Fell
672Hopkins ThomasFar Fell
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673Hopkins ThomasFar Fell
674Hopkins ThomasFar Fell
504Hutton Rev. JohnStakes Moss
692Harrison Mary of Kendal Low FellStakes Moss
700Harrison Mary of Cowmire GreenCowmire Green
703Harrison Mary of Cowmire GreenLow Fell
693Harrison Mary of Cowmire GreenLow Fell
594Harrison Mary of Cowmire GreenSavin Hill Moss
470Harrison Mary of Cowmire GreenLyth Marsh
645Harris and RobertLyth Marsh
579Harris and RobertLyth Marsh
486Harris and RobertStakes Moss
649Harris and RobertWhitbarrow
493Harris and RobertStakes Moss
494Harris and RobertStakes Moss
492Harris and RobertStakes Moss
495Harris and RobertStakes Moss
489Harrison ThomasStakes Moss
507Hadwen RobertStakes Moss
603Hartley WilliamCork Moss
512Jonson RobertStakes Moss
768Jugle Margaret and Ellen BrockbankChurch Town Fell
629Jugle Margaret and Ellen BrockbankMoss Side
585Jugle Margaret and Ellen BrockbankSavin Hill
565Jugle Margaret and Ellen BrockbankLyth Marsh
511Jackson JohnStakes Moss
517Kirkby RobertStakes Moss
770Kirkby JohnChurch Town Fell
611Kirkby JohnCork Moss
680Luras ?? GeorgeLow Fell
679Luras ?? GeorgeLow Fell
653Moon JohnWhitbarrow
530 aMoon JohnLyth Marsh
540Moon JohnLyth Marsh
538Moon JohnLyth Marsh
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Page 316

546Moon JohnLyth Marsh
536Moon JohnLyth Marsh
499Stakes MossLyth Marsh
515Mathinson MilesLyth Marsh
491Mason JacksonLyth Marsh
478Moss JamesCommon Moss
487More RogerStakes Moss
661Navby ?? JohnWhitbarrow
586Navby ?? JohnSavin Hill Moss
630Navby ?? JohnMoss Side
531Navby ?? JohnCork moss
634Navby ?? JohnCork moss
732Pennington WilliamStarnthwaite Mill
736Pennington WilliamCrosthwaite Green
591Pricket MarySavin Hill Moss
550Pricket MaryLyth Marsh
589Philipson AgnesSavin Hill
466Pearson JohnLyth Marsh
722Pearson JohnCrosthwaite Fell
714Pearson JohnCrosthwaite Fell
762Pearson JohnCrosthwaite Fell
760Pearson JohnCrosthwaite Fell
707Pearson ThomasLow Fell
468Pearson ThomasLyth Marsh
659Philipson JohnWhitbarrow
490Pooley MargaretStakes Moss
514Parrot SamuelStakes Moss
733Rowlandson JohnCrosthwaite Fell
606Rowlandson JohnCork Moss
488Robinson John's Revised?Stakes Moss
474Robinson John's Revised?Lyth Marsh
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Page 317

475Robinson John's Revised?Lyth Marsh
473Robinson John's Revised?Lyth Marsh
472Robinson John's Revised?Lyth Marsh
533Robinson John's Revised?Lyth Marsh
531Robinson John's Revised?Lyth Marsh
530Robinson John's Revised?Lyth Marsh
537Robinson John's Revised?Lyth Marsh
539Robinson John's Revised?Lyth Marsh
576Robinson John's Revised?Lyth Marsh
575Robinson John's Revised?Lyth Marsh
570Robinson John's Revised?Lyth Marsh
647Robinson John's Revised?Lyth Marsh
652Robinson John's Revised?Whitbarrow
710Robinson John's Revised?Low Fell
664Robinson ThomasWhitbarrow
665Robinson ThomasWhitbarrow
690Robinson ThomasSavin Hill
532Robinson ThomasLyth Marsh
534Robinson ThomasLyth Marsh
469Robinson ThomasLyth Marsh
605Strickland widowCork Moss
566Strickland widowLyth Marsh
753Story RobertTarn Side
756Story RobertTarn Side
749Story RobertTotter Bank
726Satterthwaite CharlesFar Fell
482Satterthwaite CharlesCommon Moss
509Scott ? ThomasStakes Moss
622Simpson JamesHolmes Moss
549Simpson JamesLyth Marsh
772Simpson JamesChurch Town Fell
731Strickland TobiasStarnthwaite Mill
613Strickland TobiasCork Moss
571Strickland TobiasLyth Marsh
528Simpson MilesLyth Marsh
767Strickland Rev. JamesTarn Side
483Strickland Rev. JamesCommon Moss
627Simpson JohnMoss Side
625Simpson JohnMoss Side
626Simpson JohnMoss Side
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773Simpson JohnChurch Town Fell
648Thomson RobertLyth Marsh
581Thomson RobertSavin Hill Moss
577Thomson RobertLyth Marsh
572Thomson RobertLyth Marsh
742Thoxton RobertCrosthwaite Green
582Thoxton RobertSavin Hill Moss
609Todd Thomas Cork MossSavin Hill Moss
525Todd JohnStakes Moss
635Turner RobertLyth Marsh
563Turner RobertLyth Marsh
597Turner RobertLyth Marsh
657Turner RobertWhitbarrow
641Turner RobertWhitbarrow
568Turner RobertLyth Marsh
580Turner RobertSavin Hill Moss
633Turner WilliamLyth Marsh
641Taylor IsabellaLyth Marsh
637Taylor IsabellaLyth Marsh
642Taylor IsabellaLyth Marsh
587Taylor IsabellaSavin Hill Moss
555Taylor IsabellaLyth Marsh
662Taylor IsabellaWhitbarrow
663Taylor IsabellaWhitbarrow
621Taylor JamesHolmes Moss
544Taylor JamesLyth Marsh
496Taylor ThomasStakes Moss
607Vearty ThomasCork Moss
578Wilson John of LythLyth Marsh
573Wilson John of LythLyth Marsh
610Wilson EdwardStakes Moss
513Wilkinson ThomasStakes Moss
646Whitwell ThomasLyth Marsh
660Whitwell ThomasWhitbarrow
543Whitwell ThomasLyth Marsh
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Page 319

522Washington RobertStakes Moss
521Washington StephenStakes Moss
457 aWilson Daniel esq.Lyth Marsh
457Wilson Daniel esq.Lyth Marsh
529Wilson Daniel esq.Stakes Moss
505Wilson RichardStakes Moss
684Walker James?Crosthwaite Fell
683Walker James?Crosthwaite Fell
681Walker James?Crosthwaite Fell
510Wakefield JohnStakes Moss
723Wakefield JohnFar Fell
527Wilkinson StephenStakes Moss
508Wilkinson MaryStakes Moss
734Wilson ThomasCrosthwaite Fell
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Locations in Crosthwaite and Lyth not identified in Schedule 3

666 aProprietors of Crosthwaite with LythWhitbarrow