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Schedule 2

The rate for repairing the private carriage roads in the township township of Leven
in the parish of Heversham in the County of Westmorland

Page 302

Allotments to the vicar

235VicarLeasgil Marsh
304VicarSampool Common
306VicarLevens Marsh
443VicarLevens Marsh
445VicarLevens Marsh
308VicarSampool Common
305VicarSampool Common
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Allotments to the college

239CollegeLeasgil Marsh
273CollegeSizergh Hall
446CollegeLevens Marsh
446 aCollegeLevens Marsh
240CollegeLeasgil Marsh
237CollegeLeasgil Marsh
442CollegeLevens Marsh
441CollegeLevens Marsh

Allotments to the Lords

376Richard HowardLevens Marsh
375 aRichard HowardLevens Marsh
368Daniel WilsonLevens Marsh
376 aDaniel WilsonLevens Marsh

Allotments to Purchasers

218Howard Richard EsquireHeversham Head
279Strickland GeorgeSizergh Hall
282Ellison WilliamSizergh Hall
272Washington StephenSizergh Hall
255Smithson JohnBeathwaite Green

General Allotments

426Atkinson JohnBrigsteer Moss
300Atkinson querySampool Common
423Atkinson RobertBrigsteer Moss
335Atkinson John juniorSampool Moss
257Atkinson John juniorBeathwaite Green
259Atkinson John juniorBeathwaite Green
242Atkinson John juniorSampool Common
316Addison John seniorSampool Moss
341Addison John seniorSampool Common
267Addison John seniorBeathwaite Green
268Addison WilliamSizergh Fell Side
334Addison WilliamSampool Moss
340Addison WilliamSampool Common
427Bullfield JohnBrigsteer Moss
395Bouson WilliamBrigsteer Moss
429Bainbridge WilliamBrigsteer Moss
431Bouson StephenBrigsteer Moss
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Page 304

287Benson StephenSizergh Fell Side
312Bernard JamesSampool Moss
250Bernard JamesBeathwaite Green
248Bernard JamesBeathwaite Green
351Bernard JamesLevens Marsh
408Barker ThomasBrigsteer Moss
382Burrow AbigailBrigsteer Moss
433Brown JamesBrigsteer Moss
407Barton Thomas devisees ofBrigsteer Moss
449Barton Thomas devisees ofBrigsteer Marsh
596Burton Francis and Halhead ElizabethBrigsteer Moss
451Burton Francis and Halhead ElizabethBrigsteer Marsh
414Briggs MargaretBrigsteer Moss
447Briggs MargaretBrigsteer Marsh
398Briggs MargaretBrigsteer Moss
243Beethom JohnLeasgill Marsh
232Beethom JohnLeasgill Marsh
339Bownass WilliamSampool Common
320Bradley Robert Esq.Sampool Moss
216Bradley Robert Esq.Heversham Road
343Bradley Robert Esq.Sampool Common
241Bradley Robert Esq.Leasgil Marsh
333Bindlos RobertSampool Moss
344Bindlos RobertSampool Common
321Briggs Rev. ThomasSampool Moss
438Barker Martha and Biddle GeorgeBrigsteer Moss
381Crook curate ofBrigsteer Moss
233Crayston JohnHaystead Moss on Leasgill Marsh
386Chambre Sir Adam KnightBrigsteer Moss
323Cornthwaite JamesSampool Moss
439Helsington curate ofBrigsteer Moss
448Helsington curate ofat Brigsteer
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Page 305

425Dickinson JohnBrigsteer Moss
326Derome ThomasSampool Moss
354Dowker JamesLevens Marsh
265Dowker JamesBeathwaite Green
432Dickinson RobertBrigsteer Moss
313Dennison RobertBrigsteer Moss
380Dawson JosephBrigsteer Moss
309 aDennison RobertSampool Moss
403Garnett WilliamBrigsteer Moss
258Garnett WilliamBeathwaite Green
249Garnett WilliamBeathwaite Green
299Garnett WilliamLevens Marsh
424Gibson GeorgeBrigsteer Moss
261Gibson GeorgeBeathwaite Green
411Garnett AnthonyBrigsteer Moss
329Greenhow JamesSampool Moss
397Gawthrop WilliamBrigsteer Moss
330Greenhow RobertSampool Moss
407Garnett AbrahamLevens Marsh
271Garnett AbrahamSizergh Fell Side
254Garnett AbrahamBeathwaite Green
286Garnett AbrahamSizergh Fell Side
269Garnett AbrahamSizergh Fell Side
364Garnett AbrahamLevens Marsh
353Garnett AbrahamLeavens Marsh
360Gaskill ThomasBeathwaite Green Moss
437Gurnall Miss AnnBrigsteer Moss
223Hastwell ElizabethLeasgil Marsh
224Hodgson RobertSampool Moss
307Howard Richard esq.Sampool Moss
206Howard Richard esq.Beathwaite Green
375Howard Richard esq.Levens Marsh
338Howard Richard esq.Levens Marsh
226Hall ElizabethLeasgil Marsh
418Harrison Richard MathinsonBrigsteer Moss
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Page 306

288Harris Richard MattinsonSizergh Fell Side
365Harris Richard MattinsonLevens Marsh
430Harling JosephBrigsteer Moss
421Harling JohnBrigsteer Moss
263Harling JohnBeathwaite Green
262Harling JohnBeathwaite Green
352Harling JohnLevens Marsh
314Howson ThomasSampool Moss
421 aHowson WilliamBrigsteer Moss
422Howson WilliamBrigsteer Moss
234Hutton Rev. JohnLeasgill Marsh
236Hutton Rev. JohnLeasgill Marsh
355Jackson JohnBeathwaite Green
385Jenkinson JamesSizergh Moss
436Freland MartinBrigsteer Moss
309Johnson RichardSampool Moss
220Johnson RichardHeversham head
406Kendal blue coat school, trustees ofBrigsteer Moss
450Kendal blue coat school, trustees ofBrigsteer Marsh
387Kamp JohnBrigsteer Moss
412Lamberts Mary and AnnBrigsteer Moss
399Marketh JohnBrigsteer Moss
357Park AnnBeathwaite Green Moss
361Penny GeorgeBeathwaite Green Moss
383Prirkett ChristopherBrigsteer Moss
297Prirkett ChristopherSampool Common
359Philipson AgnesBeathwaite Green Moss
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Page 307

350Philipson AgnesLevens Marsh
256Philipson AgnesBeathwaite Green
264Philipson AgnesBeathwaite Green
349Philipson ChristopherLevens Marsh
384Robinson JohnBrigsteer Moss
410Robinson and RichardBrigsteer Moss
435Rook MilesBrigsteer Moss
400Standish Thomas StricklandBrigsteer Moss
378Standish Thomas StricklandLevens Marsh
379Standish Thomas StricklandBrigsteer Moss
280Standish Thomas StricklandSizergh Fell
285Standish Thomas StricklandSizergh Fell Side
290Standish Thomas StricklandSizergh Fell Side
289Standish Thomas StricklandSizergh Fell Side
283Standish Thomas StricklandSizergh Fell Side
281Standish Thomas StricklandSizergh Fell Side
331Sparling ElizabethSampool Moss
315Simpson MilesSampool Moss
336Simpsom MilesSampool Common
247Simpson John Joseph and HannahBeathwaite Green
434Shaw Revnd. JohnBrigsteer Moss
327Smithson JohnSampool Moss
348 aSmithson JohnSampool Common
231Stuart AnnLeasgill Marsh
317Stuart AnnSampool Moss
222Stuart EdwardHeversham head
230Stuart EdwardLeasgill Marsh
302Stuart EdwardSampool Common
337Simpson MilesSampool Common
336 aSimpson MilesSampool Common
345Smithson John and MilesSampool Common
346Smithson John and MilesSampool Common
367Taylor ThomasLevens Marsh
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Page 308

409Thompson JamesBrigsteer Moss
455Thompson JamesBrigsteer Marsh
454Thompson JamesBrigsteer Marsh
325Thomson JosephSampool Moss
238Todd JohnLeasgil Marsh
229Todd JohnLeasgil Marsh
428Tallan JamesBrigsteer Moss
420Wilson William Wilson CarusBrigsteer Moss
358Wilson JohnBeathwaite Green Moss
298Wilson JohnSampool Common
266Wilson JohnBeathwaite Green
392Wakefield JohnBrigsteer Moss
363Wakefield JohnBeathwaite Green Moss
362Wakefield JohnBeathwaite Green Moss
366Wakefield JohnLevens Marsh
389Wakefield JohnBrigsteer Moss
390Wakefield JohnBrigsteer Moss
356Wharton JonathanBeathwaite Green Moss
388Wilson Christopher Esq.Brigsteer Moss
444Wilson Christopher Esq.Levens Marsh
227Wilson DanielLeasgil Marsh
242Wilson DanielLeasgil Marsh
293Wilson Danielat Nether Levens
294Wilson Danielat Nether Levens
295Wilson DanielLevens Marsh
292Wilson DanielSampool Common
318Wilson DanielSampool Moss
296Wilson Danielat Nether Levens
246Wilson DanielBeathwaite Green
251Wilson DanielBeathwaite Green
393Williamson WilliamBrigsteer Moss
419Wilkinson Thomas of KendalBrigsteer Moss
274Wilkinson Thomas of KendalSizergh Fell
374Wilkinson Thomas of KendalLevens Marsh
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Page 309

402Wilson WilliamBrigsteer Moss
322Wilkinson StephenSampool Moss
348Wilkinson StephenSampool Common
328Wilson Richard juniorSampool Moss
416Wilson Richard juniorBrigsteer Moss
275Wilson Richard juniorSizergh Hall
277Wilson Richard juniorSizergh Hall
371Wilson Richard juniorLevens Marsh
370Wilson Richard juniorLevens Marsh
415Wilson Richard juniorBrigsteer Moss
440Wilson Richard juniorBrigsteer Marsh
404Wooff WilliamBrigsteer Moss
494Walker RichardBrigsteer Moss
332Washington StephenSampool Moss
34Washington StephenSampool Common
324Wharton GeorgeSampool Moss
413Wilson JamesBrigsteer Moss
448 aWilson JamesBrigsteer Marsh
452Wilson JamesBrigsteer Marsh
401Walling JohnBrigsteer Moss
319Wilson John and Atkinson WilliamSampool Moss
244Wilkinson Thomas LeasgillLeasgill Marsh
221Wilkinson Thomas LeasgillHeversham Head
308Wilson Rev.Sampool Common
225Watson ThomasLeasgill Marsh
228Woodhouse LawrenceLeasgill Marsh
301Winsgill JohnSampool Common
303Winsgill JohnSampool Common
309 bWilson JohnSampool Moss
391Yeates JohnBrigsteer Moss
311Yeates AnthonySampool Moss
372Yeates AnthonyLevens Marsh
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Page 310

402Wilson William of KendalBrigsteer Moss
322Wilkinson StephenSampool Moss