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in Award text
Parcel numberProprietorSituationSchedule 1
Page number
Page 7417VicarHeversham Head297
Page 74173VicarMillthorp Marsh297
Page 75179VicarHaysted Moss297
Page 8369CollegeArkenthwaite Green297
Page 8475CollegeRowel Green297
Page 8495CollegeRowel Green297
Page 8496CollegeRowel Green297
Page 8536CollegeWoodhowe Green297
Page 61193CollegeMillthorp Marsh297
Page 85193CollegeMillthorp Marsh297
Page 9097CollegeRowel Green297
Page 90174CollegeMillthorp Marsh297
Page 9618Richard Howard esq.Heversham Head297
Page 9718Richard Howard esq.Heversham Head297
Page 11718Richard Howard esq.Heversham Head297
Page 97152Daniel Wilson Esq.Millthorp Marsh297
Page 97152Daniel Wilson Esq.Millthorp Marsh297
Page 10040Fayrer Joseph Trustees ofMillthorp Green297
Page 10042Hardy RobertMillthorp Green297
Page 10143Fell ThomasMillthorp Green297
Page 10154Pennington JamesMillthorp Green297
Page 10155Wilson Daniel esq.Millthorp Green297
Page 10156Dawson JohnMillthorp Green297
Page 176271Kiching EdwardMillthorp Green297
Page 10258Kiching EdwardMillthorp Green297
Page 10252Kiching EdwardMillthorp Green297
Page 10350Watson Thomas juniorMillthorp Green297
Page 111183Atkinson RichardHaystead Moss297
Page 11290Atkinson RichardRowel Green297
Page 11274Atkinson RichardRowel Green297
Page 11289Atkinson RichardRowel Green297
Page 6170Atkinson William esq.Arkenthwaite Green298
Page 11270Atkinson William esq.Arkenthwaite Green298
Page 11376Allen EleanorRowel Green298
Page 113160Addison IanHaystead Moss298
Page 113117Addison IanMillthorp Marsh298
Page 113164Audland WilliamHaystead Moss298
Page 11451Audland WilliamMillthorp Green298
Page 11464Audland WilliamArkenthwaite Green298
Page 114112Bush MargaretMillthorp Marsh298
Page 11541Barkhouse JaneMillthorp Green298
Page 11592Barkhouse JaneRowel Green298
Page 115148Barkhouse JaneMillthorp Marsh298
Page 115168Bindloss EmmaHaystead Moss298
Page 116196Bindloss EmmaMillthorp Marsh298
Page 11621Bindloss RobertWoodhouse Green298
Page 11628Bindloss RobertWoodhouse Green298
Page 11622Bindloss RobertWoodhouse Green298
Page 117166Bindloss Philip HowardHaystead Moss298
Page 11780Bindloss Philip HowardRowel Green298
Page 117167Bindloss WilliamHaystead Moss298
Page 11883aBindloss WilliamDeepthwaite on Rowel Green298
Page 11886Bindloss WilliamDeepthwaite on Rowel Green298
Page 11884Bindloss WilliamDeepthwaite on Rowel Green298
Page 11883Bindloss WilliamDeepthwaite on Rowel Green298
Page 118181Bindloss WilliamHaystead Moss298
Page 11987Benson MatthewRowel Green298
Page 11988Benson MatthewRowel Green298
Page 11981Benson MatthewRowel Green298
Page 12085Benson MatthewNear Deepthwaite298
Page 120138Briggs RobertsMillthorp Marsh298
Page 12019Bradley RobertHeversham Head298
Page 12020Bradley RobertWoodhouse Green298
Page 121186Barkhouse JosephHarstead Moss298
Page 1213Barkhouse JosephHeversham Head298
Page 1212Barkhouse JosephHeversham Head298
Page 121156Burrow JohnHaystead Moss298
Page 122142Burrow JohnMillthorp Marsh298
Page 12248Bullman IsaacMillthorp Green298
Page 122195Bullman IsaacMillthorp Marsh299
Page 1229Beetham JohnHeversham Head299
Page 1236Beetham JohnHeversham Head299
Page 1235Beetham JohnHeversham Head299
Page 1238Beetham JohnHeversham Head299
Page 1237Beetham JohnHeversham Head299
Page 124116Baines ElizabethMillthorp Marsh299
Page 124126Clark JosephMillthorp Marsh299
Page 124111Clark JosephMillthorp Marsh299
Page 124108Clark JarvisMillthorp Marsh299
Page 124116Cragg RobertHarpHead Moss299
Page 12545Cragg RobertMillthorp Green299
Page 12539aCragg RobertMillthorp Green299
Page 125101Cragg RobertMillthorp Marsh299
Page 126104Cragg RobertMillthorp Marsh299
Page 126106Cragg RobertMillthorp Marsh299
Page 126150Cragg RobertMillthorp Marsh299
Page 126182Crampton Kirkard Trusteees and Thomas FellHaystead Moss299
Page 12746Crampton Kirkard Trusteees and Thomas FellMillthorp Green299
Page 12747Crampton Kirkard Trusteees and Thomas FellMillthorp Green299
Page 12749Crampton Kirkard Trusteees and Thomas FellMillthorp Green299
Page 12773Crampton Kirkard Trusteees and Thomas FellArkenthwaite Green299
Page 127144Crampton Kirkard Trusteees and Thomas FellMillthorp Marsh299
Page 6171Cragg JohnArkenthwaite Green299
Page 12871Cragg JohnArkenthwaite Green299
Page 12814Craipton JohnHeversham Head299
Page 128114Clark JamesMillthorp Marsh299
Page 129125Clark JarvisMillthorp Marsh299
Page 129110Clark JarvisMillthorp Marsh299
Page 129109Clark JarvisMillthorp Marsh299
Page 12963Dawson JohnArkenthate Green299
Page 130155Dowker James heirsHaystead Moss299
Page 130102Dowker James heirsMillthorp Marsh299
Page 130105Dowker James heirsMillthorp Marsh299
Page 130149Dowker James heirsMillthorp Marsh299
Page 131107Dowker DorothyMillthorp Marsh299
Page 131184Dodgson MaryHaystead Moss299
Page 13130Dodgson MaryWoodhouse Green299
Page 13129Dogson MaryWoodhouse Green300
Page 132177Dawson JohnHaystead Moss300
Page 13272Dawson JohnArkenthwaite Green300
Page 13261Dawson JohnArkenthwaite Green300
Page 13294Dawson JohnRowel Green300
Page 13362Dawson JohnArkenthwaite Green300
Page 13349aFell Thomas esq. Millthorp Green300
Page 126182Fell Thomas esq.Haystead Moss300
Page 134129Foxcroft RobertMillthorp Marsh300
Page 134178Foxcroft MargaretHaystead Moss300
Page 13438Fayrer Joseph deviseesMillthorp Green300
Page 13439Fayrer Joseph deviseesMillthorp Green300
Page 135143Fayrer Joseph deviseesMillthorp Marsh300
Page 135159Flitcroft Ellen Haystead Moss300
Page 13523Garnett JohnWoodhouse Green300
Page 135133Green JonathanMillthorp Marsh300
Page 13677Gibson Thomas heirsRowel Green300
Page 136192Hudson HarryHaystead Moss300
Page 136115Hardly Richards juniorMillthorp Marsh300
Page 137191Howard RichardHaystead Moss300
Page 13718aHoward RichardHeversham Head300
Page 137151Howard RichardMillthorp Marsh300
Page 137198Howard RichardMillthorp Marsh300
Page 138172Hutton Rev. JohnHaystead Moss300
Page 138171Heversham poorHaystead Moss300
Page 13832Heversham poorWoodhouse Green300
Page 13831Heversham poorWoodhouse Green300
Page 13993Hardy Richard seniorRowel Green300
Page 139147Hardy Robert juniorMillthorp Marsh300
Page 139146Hardy Robert seniorMillthorp Marsh300
Page 139180Hardy Robert seniorHaystead Moss300
Page 140154Heversham schoolMillthorp Marsh300
Page 14010Hastwell ElizabethHeversham Head300
Page 14065Helme JohnArkenthwaite Green300
Page 141103Huddleston ThomasArkenthwaite Green300
Page 141141Huddleston ThomasMillthorp Marsh300
Page 141176Johnson WilliamHaystead Moss300
Page 141130Johnson JohnMillthorp Marsh301
Page 141140Jagger WilliamMillthorp Marsh301
Page 14215Johnson RichardHeversham Head301
Page 142153Johnson RichardHaystead Moss301
Page 142134Jones WilliamMillthorp Marsh301
Page 143135Jones WilliamMillthorp Marsh301
Page 143158Kitching EdwardHaystead Moss301
Page 14360Kitching EdwardMillthorp Green301
Page 14360aKitching EdwardMillthorp Green301
Page 14368Kitching EdwardArkenthwaite Green301
Page 14453Kitching EdwardMillthorp Green301
Page 144145Kitching EdwardMillthorp Marsh301
Page 144163Kitching EdwardHaystead Moss301
Page 144145aKitching EdwardMillthorp Marsh301
Page 145122Kitching EdwardMillthorp Marsh301
Page 145121Kitching EdwardMillthorp Marsh301
Page 145123Kitching EdwardMillthorp Marsh301
Page 146162Kitching EdwardHaystead Moss301
Page 117167Bindloss William Haystead Moss301
Page 14678Mawson John and wifeRowel Green301
Page 146132Mason JacksonMillthorp Marsh301
Page 147113Mashiter ThomasMillthorp Marsh301
Page 148118Mills WilliamHaystead Moss301
Page 14733Mills WilliamWoodhouse Green301
Page 147170Page JaneHaystead Moss301
Page 14825Page JaneWoodhouse Green301
Page 1481Preston JohnHeversham Head301
Page 148118Preston Thomas heirs of Millthorp Marsh301
Page 1494Suart AnnHeversham Head301
Page 149169Scott ThomasHaystead Moss301
Page 149189Saul IsbellaHaystead Moss301
Page 149194Saul IsbellaMillthorp Marsh301
Page 15066Smith JohnArkenthwaite Green301
Page 15067Squire RobertArkenthwaite Green301
Page 150124Skelding ElizabethMillthorp Marsh301
Page 150137Turner JamesMillthorp Marsh301
Page 141130Taylor JamesMillthorp Marsh302
Page 15134Watson ChristopherWoodhouse Green302
Page 15126Watson ChristopherWoodhouse Green302
Page 15127Watson JohnWoodhouse Green302
Page 152139Wilson MaryMillthorp Marsh302
Page 152185Wilkinson ThomasHaystead Moss302
Page 15211Wilkinson ThomasHeversham Head302
Page 153136Wilkinson Thomas juniorMillthorp Marsh302
Page 153120Walker JosephMillthorp Marsh302
Page 153119Walker JohnMillthorp Marsh302
Page 153161Walker JohnMillthorp Marsh302
Page 154175Walker WilliamHaystead Moss302
Page 154187Wilson Daniel esq.Haystead Moss302
Page 15444Wilson Daniel esq.Millthorp Green302
Page 12019Wilson Daniel esq.Millthorp Marsh302
Page 15598Wilson Daniel esq.Millthorp Marsh302
Page 155127Wilson Daniel esq.Millthorp Marsh302
Page 155152aWilson Daniel esq.Millthorp Marsh302
Page 155197Wilson Daniel esq.Millthorp Marsh302
Page 156197aWilson Daniel esq.Millthorp Marsh302
Page 156128Wilson Daniel esq.Millthorp Marsh302
Page 15635Wilson JohnWoodhouse Green302