Lords Seat (the Summit of Whitbarrow)

A more direct and shorter walk to the summit with its 360º views. Approximately 2½ hours.

Follow instructions for South Whitbarrow walk as far as #. After going through the small gate, ignore a yellow arrow to the left and take the next path on the right which climbs steadily uphill. Keep left at the fork with a pile of stones and continue up to a T unction where you should turn right. Over a wall with a stone stile, you will see a notice board with information about the plants and butterflies on this National Nature Reserve. Turn left and follow the grassy track to the summit to admire the 360 degree views. On a clear day you should certainly see Heysham power station, possibly Blackpool Tower, all the southern Lake District fells, the Howgills, Ingleborough, Bowland Fells and back to Morecambe Bay.

Return to the notice board but instead of going over the stile, continue on the path beside the wall to a junction of two walls with ladder stile and another notice board.

[You may have noticed that a "mine" is marked on the map on these boards, if you are curious, a 10 minute walk along the track to your left will reveal a small carved entrance in the rock. Dating back to the late 17th or early 18th century, this was one of several exploratory diggings in the area in the search for haematite (iron ore) and lead]

Go over the stile and turn sharp right, following the wall downhill to another ladder stile.

[On your left is Toby Tarn, which is almost entirely overgrown with plants.]

After the stile, bear left following the path which can be clearly seen.

[The woodland is a mixture of native yew and ash trees, with planted cypress and beech, The ground is rocky and many of the rocks are covered with attractive moss with the strap-like leaves of Harts-tongue fern growing between them.]

At the next junction, bear left and continue to the set of yellow arrows where you should turn left and continue to the small gate.

Follow the return instructions of the South Whitbarrow walk from **