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May 16th 2018 - Susan Coyne gave a demonstration of Bric-a-brac upcycling of “pre-loved” items

Susan Coyle,  despite being temporally homeless,  while her imminent house move meant her “pre-loved”  items had been packed away for storage, gave an amazing demonstration of how the simplest items can be turned into a decorative or useful item.

Examples were:

A two tier cake stand was produced before our eyes using two old plates with a central hole drilled in each, held together by a special adapter, available easily by mail order.

Decorative gift bags from old wallpaper

A celebration champagne glass using old nail varnish to decorate it.

A table decoration

A striped plant pot to give as a gift




April 18th WI meeting - Author Philip Caine “Barrow to Baghdad”



Author Philip Caine gave a highly amusing talk on his life “Barrow to Baghdad”, chronicling his very eventful working life from its beginnings as a trainee in a hotel kitchen in Barrow, and later as Facilities Manager via restaurants, hotels, oil rigs, construction projects and entrepreneurial ventures. His experiences and encounters with a series of colourful and dubious characters have given him the basis for his latest venture, as an author of thrilling stories of adventure and intrigue. Although they are not true stories, the characters and events in his books are based on real events and people he has met in his varied and exciting life.