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Two Valleys - Useful Links


Church Organisations

Finding out more about the Christian Faith

Bereavement and Support

Marriage and Family

Christian Mission Organisations

Environment, Fair Trade and Social Justice

Rural Ministry and Issues



Church Organisations


The Church of England


The Diocese of Carlisle

Finding out more about the Christian Faith

(Find out more about who Jesus is, and ask your own questions)


Christian Enquiry Agency
(Find out what Christians believe, and more about Jesus)


(Excellent and accessible free online Bible study materials)


Bible Society


United Christian Broadcasters


Bereavement and Support


Alzheimers Society
(Support for those with or working with dementia)


Beyond the Horizon
(Bereavement support for children and families)

Churches for All   
(Advice for churches and individuals about disability)

Cruse Bereavement Care

Little Footprints
(Support, advice and resources for bereaved parents and families)




(Support for road crash victims and their families)




(Support for anyone affected by the death of a baby)




(Support for those affected by suicide)




Child Bereavement Charity



The Miscarriage Association

Winston's Wish
(Support for bereaved children)


Marriage and Family



Your Church Wedding
(Advice and information about church weddings)




Care for the Family 
(Advice on marriage, and a range of family and life issues)





(Advice and relationship counselling for all ages)




The Children’s Society
(Seeking a better childhood for every child)




(Positive change for vulnerable children)


Mothers Union
(Christian care for families)

Christian Mission Organisations


Bible Society
(Sharing the Bible with people across the world)


Christian Aid 
(Campaigning to end poverty and injustice)


Church & Community
(Encouraging Christians to make a difference in their local community)

Church Army
(Helping people to discover what the church really can be where they are)


Church Mission Society
(Sharing the message of Jesus across the world)



(Helping churches to share the message of Jesus in their community)


Open Doors
(Working on behalf of Christians who are being persecuted for their faith)

Release International
(Working on behalf of Christians who are being persecuted for their faith)


(Helping the Anglican church worldwide to think about mission)

Environment, Fair Trade and Social Justice

A Rocha
(Providing environmental education & advice on conservation, as a response to God’s love)

(Supporting those who want to live their faith out in the workplace, as well as engaging with issues such as climate change, economic issues and church development)

(Helping to make the link between Christian faith and environmental issues)

Shrinking the Footprint
(Helping the church to think about issues of environmental responsibility)

(Providing professional expertise in development, disaster response, disaster risk reduction and advocacy.)

(Tackling poverty through issues of trade, and promoting Fairtrade concerns)

Christian Ecology Link
(Helping to make the link between Christian faith and environmental issues)

Rural Ministry and Issues

Germinate - Arthur Rank Centre
(A Christian charity service rural churches and their wider communities)

Computers for Rural People

Farming Community Network

Farming Christian Link

Farming Help

Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution

Agricultural Christian Fellowship
(Helping Christians in rural communities to make sense of the blessings, challenges and problems that rural life can present)