Cameos of
Crosthwaite and Lyth

The Damson Valley

This page and the links below started of as a catalogue and record of houses, farms and other buildings in the Parish that have some historic interest. It was taken from the book Cameos of Crosthwaite and Lyth by kind permission of the authors Pam Bownass, Penny Mutch, Hartley Trotter and John Wilson.

However from the "hits" this section of web site was getting it was clear that there is considerable interest in the history of the Parish. It was decided to include the text from all of the chapters in the book; this was completed in September 2010.

It is hoped that further information in the form of photographs, notes or other records are added to these pages on web site as contributions are received and time and space allow. This, together with the Genealogy section of the site, will provide a permanent and expanding record of the history of the Parish.

Chapter 10 of the Cameos book is substantial and has been divided into two. Details of each individual building in these chapters can be accessed in two ways. Chapters 10a and 10b, in the links below, list the houses in alphabetical order. When the page is opened up there is a list of properties where records are available and if you "click" on the property name you should jump to the details. Clicking on the photograph associated with the property should open up a larger picture although it would be best to have broadband as some of the pictures are quite large.

The Index Map is an alternative means of searching for a property based on its location. "Clicking" on the red blocks should take you to the relevant details in the pages referred to above.

Any contributions in the form of notes or additional photographs would be gratefully received. I will do my best to include any contributions. Please contact me either by e-mail or a note to South Low. Please also any comments on presentation and content would be most welcome and I will try and accommodate any suggestions.

John Sceal, South Low