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A bog’s life



A bog's life

Local nature enthusiasts from the Lyth Valley joined the RSPB, Natural England and expert local naturalists on 18 August for an exploration of the amazing wildlife that thrives in local bogs. More than 20 people gathered at Savinhill bog where nature conservation experts introduced them to the range of flora and fauna that thrive in the wetland habitat.

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Garden Ramble 2010

The Crosthwaite and Lyth Garden Ramble, 2010.

A Gardeners Perspective

Planning began as usual last autumn, with a review of what grew well and what not so well in 2009:  were there any areas in the garden we should change for next year?  Had we picked up any ideas for layout or planting?  Apart from a couple of new, short paths through the rose beds, a bit of work on the pond and replacing a few lupins and delphiniums (tend to be short-lived), no substantial changes were planned.


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Open Gardens


Garden Ramble 2010

The Crosthwaite and Lyth Garden Ramble, 2010.

Penny Mutch has written about her experiences of the event.

Just before the May Bank Holiday weekend, all breaths were held as the weather forecasts on every radio and TV station, not to mention the internet, were scanned. The general feeling was that all would be well. Saturday saw torrential rain and all those whose gardens were due to open their gates on the Sunday, watched fearfully, but as the working party arrived at the Village Hall on the Sunday morning at 8 o’clock, the beautiful Lyth Valley was bathed in sunshine and we all heaved a sigh of relief............

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Our boys

Our boys

The African childrens choir.

Many of us in the parish were delighted to welcome the children and adults from the African Children’s Choir into our homes. At their concert at St Thomas’ Church in Kendal, on Monday 10th November 2008, they treated an audience of 450 people to a wonderful life-enhancing performance of song and dance. Those of us who hosted the choir will never forget the special time we were able to have with these delightful children. Each family had 3 children and one adult, apart from Val Harrison who hosted the driver! Steve Doherty provided the food they fed everybody with on the day of the concert. John and Caroline Holmes organised the whole event.

Penny Mutch wrote an article about the whole experience.

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Juliet putting a piece of toast in a damson tree

Wassail Day

Morris Men held a Wassail Celebration in January at Row Barn (by kind permission of Mr and Mrs John Walker). Two teams took place one from Lancaster and the other from Crook. The performance started in the Orchard when they sang to the wren, the robin and the damson tree; all those attending were encouraged to put a piece of toast on the tree and drink from the Wassail Cup. They then progressed to a flat area where they danced to traditional music. It was gratifying to see some young dancers. They then travelled to the Hare and Hounds Bowland Bridge where they continued the revelries including a mummer play. The whole celebration aroused much interest.

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Jean Denney, January 2009.

Article from Crook Morris.


Callum Graham
Group Manager Service Delivery
Barrow Locality Office

Community Fire Safety

My name is Callum Graham and I am currently responsible for delivering community safety, from a fire service perspective, in and around the areas of Millom, Broughton, Coniston, Grange and Bootle. 

I have been in the fire service for about 25 yrs and I’ve witnessed many changes in this time and none more so than the fact that we, as a service, will not meet our targets and expectations of our stakeholders working on our own.   The reason for contacting the your Parish Magazine is that I am responsible for some of the Lyth ward, it is served directly from Grange and Kendal Fire Station, and I have experience of working with the groups around Kendal, South Eden and the areas mentioned above and I’m always looking for new ways of engaging with groups, especially those in our more rural areas, which pretty much covers the most of Cumbria.

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