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Crosthwaite Community News report February 14th 2019

South Cumbria Rivers Trust started delivery work in November 2018 on a de-culverting project at Crosthwaite.

The project was in two stages, working with two separate landowners to remove a significant proportion of the once current culvert. The works started in November, aiming to remove approx 140 metres of buried watercourse.

The project work has developed since November with the second section of the culvert being removed. This was also approx 140 metres, which means over 280 metres of culvert has been removed and the beck restored to it's natural floodplain.

There has also been a boardwalk installed and a pathway on the land. The land is private, but Crosthwaite Primary School has been given an exclusive opportunity to use the site to educate the children about river process and wildlife over years to come. Over 70 trees will soon be planted on the site to finalise the project.

The next meeting of Crosthwaite and Lyth WI takes place on Wednesday February 20th at 7.30pm in Argles Memorial Hall. The speaker will be Archie Workman, who will be speaking about 'My Life in the Gutter'. Archie's fascination and detailed knowledge of drain covers earned him the title of one of Britain's dullest men. Archie is far from dull, as the WI members will discover. New members welcome.

Friends of Crosthwaite School are holding a Bingo in the School Hall on Friday March 8th at 6pm. There will be a bar, raffle and some fabulous prizes. All welcome.

Lyth Valley Farmers Discussion Group meets on Monday February 18th at the Gilpin Inn at 7.30pm. The speaker is Mrs Jean Turnbull, who's talk is entitled 'On the Home Front 1939-1945' All welcome

Further information is available from the Argles Hall Committee Secretary, Anne Douglas at.