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Neighbourhood Plan

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An application was made on 17th July 2018 by Crosthwaite and Lyth Parish Council for designation of a Neighbourhood Area under Section 61G of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.

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The designated Neighbourhood Area is the entire Parish of Crosthwaite & Lyth.

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Following the open Parish meeting on 5th September 2018 where a motion was passed to develop a Neighbourhood Plan the Parish Council appointed a Steering Group to develop the Plan.



South Lakeland District Council and the National Park are preparing proposals for future housing, employment and conservation in our Parish as part of a larger County-wide study. In response, the Parish has voted to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan which will help guide future development decisions.

A Neighbourhood Plan is a way of helping local communities, like ours, to influence the planning in the area which we live and work. It can be used to:

  • Develop a shared vision for our neighbourhood.

  • Choose where new homes, shops, employment opportunities, and other development could be built and what they might look like.

  • Identify and protect important local green spaces.

While the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group guide the process, it is important that Residents of the Parish are consulted and that their views and opinions are included.


In the first two weeks of April a document will be dropping through your letter box. This is the first stage of the process of developing a shared future vision for the Parish. To stimulate your ideas the Steering Group have suggested three possible ways the Parish could develop but we think everyone will have their own ideas and variations. Please read and respond to this document so the Steering Group are able to build a shared Community Vision for the Parish.

This is only the first stage of the process and your views will help shape the Neighbourhood Plan and the future of our Parish for many years to come.

The Steering Group comprises;

Simon Johnson (Chair)
Alan Gerrard
Dorothy Grace
Steve Rowlinson
Robert Sykes 


The Steering Group can be contacted.


Steering Group Meeting 17th September 2018 - Neighbourhood Plan Committee meeting 1

Steering Group Meeting 10th October 2018 - Neighbourhood Plan Committee meeting 2

Steering Group Meeting 30th October 2018 - Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group meeting 3 (draft)

Steering Group Meeting 22nd November 2018 - Neighbourhood Plan Committee meeting 4

Steering Group Meeting 17th December 2018 - Neighbourhood Plan Committee meeting 5

Steering Group Meeting 14th January 2019 - Neighbourhood Plan Committee meeting 6

Steering Group Meeting 23rd January 2019 - Neighbourhood Plan Committee meeting 7

Steering Group Meeting 12th March 2019 - Neighbourhood Plan Committee meeting 9

Steering Group Meeting 26th March 2019 - Neighbourhood Plan Committee meeting 10


Additional information regarding the Neighbourhood Plan will be posted here as and when it arises.